Top 10 Fall Flowers!

Today is the official last day of summer. Fall is here! As our garden plants begin to prepare for the winter to come, summer petals are fading, dropping, and blowing away in the crispening breeze. Pods and cones are hardening to either release or store their precious seeds for spring. Small critters are eating and collecting evrything in sight. Its harvest time.

But amidst this autumn backdrop of fading browns and burnished golds, some gorgeous cool weather plants are just beginning their colorful blossom show!

Here are my top 10 favorite flowers for September in alphabetical order.

1. Aconitum-monkshood 2. Aster-purple dome

3. Autumn clematis

4. Caryopteris

5. Colchicum

6. Eupatorium-joe pye weed

7. Japanese Anemonie

8. Plumbago

9. Toad lily

10. Solidago-goldenrod

Most Fragrant~

Autumn clematis is a billowing beauty. Its vine can grow 20 feet tall and its intoxicating franrance transitions between maple syrup and sweet jasmine throughut the day. Euphoric!!

Visit to see photos of these and more fall bloomers. Perennial Gardeners can put them in your garden!

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