Top bloomers in July

For Zones 6-8, these are the flowers you will see in your neighbors' prized gardens in July.

1. Stargazer Lily

One of the most gorgeous Oriental lillies of the season. With its large clusters of big pink blooms, wildly striped and spotted with bright orange anthers. Stargazers provide a wildly exotic explosion of color and fragrance, like garden fireworks (I always think of them as 4th of July lilies). Like all Oriental lillies they are a sturdy and very tidy flower. The Ruby-throated hummingbird just loves to sip nectar from these July beauties! Their irridescent emerald wings look smashing against the strong pink petals.

They smell amazing but watch out because the bright yellow pollen stains your nose! I always remove their anthers when when I use Oriantal lillies in arangments or give them as gifts.

Now is the time to think about which lillies you would like to see in your own garden next summer.

Take pictures of the lillies you admire. If you send them to we'll identify them for you. We can also order them and plant them for you in the fall (when tulips, hyacynths and other bulbs are planted) so you and your own local Hummimgbirds can enjoy them next July.

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