Basil Lemonade

It's the heat of summer. Doesn't an ice cold glass of lemonade sound appealing? We've got just the recipe.

Try something new! Add a secret ingredient to give your lemonade recipe that special twist.

Start with a pitcher to your liking. These measurements are for a 32 ounce pitcher.

Add a half cup of sugar. Add a cup of hot water to dissolve the sugar. Then add fresh, delicious cold water to two-thirds of the pitcher. Add a half cup of lemon juice. Stir. Adjust to taste.

Now the twist; add four 5 inch sprigs of fresh sweet basil! Let it steep as you stir and when its cool enough, pour over ice. Garnish each frosty glass with a few basil leaves or small sprig.

Now sit back... sip.... enjoy!

For extra fun pop a few garden fresh raspberries under the ice in each glass. You can mull them with your straw as you sip.

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