Perennials are plants that return each year. They usually begin to emerge in the springtime, then grow and bloom throughout the warm summer months.


As temperatures become cooler, foliage fades and the plants' energy is concentrated  into the root system.  There it lies dormant through the winter months until springtime comes again.


These wonderful plants often gain size and vibrancy with each winter sleep.




In a perennial garden we often incorporate bulbs to augment bloom times.


By late May to early June, most of the spring bulbs have dropped their petals in time to make way for the first explosion of perinnial blooms!


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Perennial Gardens


In the Autumn and Winter we can keep your garden spaces interesting by incorporating conifers, evergreen shrubs and trees as well as herbaceous plants with foliage that tolerates the cold.


Our gardeners will expertly care for your garden throughout the growing season.