Vegetable Gardens



There is just nothing like a garden ripened juicy red tomato, an orange tomato, or a yellow, purple, grape, or cherry tomato.


Because when you pick it yourself, at exactly the ripe moment, just before slicing it into a fresh crisp salad, the taste is indescribably perfect!

We can help you design and plant an attractive delicious vegetable garden on any scale.


We can also integrate veggies and edible plants into your flower garden and even your pots!

Herb Gardens

Every cook should have an herb garden.


Or anyone who appreciates a good mojito from time to time!


For grills, salads, drinks and desserts, fresh herbs are essential and easy.


Herbs can be grown together in their own herb beds or gardens, or, like vegetables, can be mingled attractively into your flower garden.

Go to the potted plant gallery for beautiful and functional herb pots.

See our blog for recipes and herbal ideas !