Pollinators are birds and insects that travel from flower to flower, carrying the pollen needed for each plant to reproduce.


Pollen carriers are responsible for the reproduction of 90% of all plants on earth, and one third of the food we humans consume.


Luckily, just as flowers and fruits are lovely to look at, so are many of these vital pollinators. It's always a delight to spot butterflies and hummingbirds, cardinals in winter, and the songbirds of spring.


Fill your garden with the flowers and features they love.

Enjoy their beauty and provide a valuable habitat!

Butterfly Gardens



At Perennial Gardeners, we care deeply about the environment.


While wildlife may visit any flower garden, our designers create plantings especially designed to attract beautiful pollinators.

By providing the foods and conditions pollinators require for all phases of their lives, your garden becomes a permanent seasonal home for native and migratory birds and butterflies.


Talk to us about your making your garden a pollinator sanctuary!