Beautiful Gardens 

Gardens are wonderful places to enjoy the change of seasons. The colors and textures of the natural world are displayed in an ever changing tapestry of plants and flowers.  At Perennial Gardeners we design gardens that are beautiful throughout the seasons.

From the first buds of spring to the dried pods of summer's faded blooms that are a feast for winter birds, a garden is a place of continual wonder.


  • Perennial Gardeners creates and maintains beautiful gardens that fit your space, your microclimate, and your budget


  • We design gardens that bring fabulous color to cut and enjoy throughout the seasons


  • A garden to attract butterflies and other pollinators and help the environment


  • A garden with vegetables and edible treats, to play and relax in


  • A garden to make your home more beautiful


 Our expert gardeners are passionate about plants. We take pride in your garden! 



Bloom times vary. Our designers have expert knowledge of plant habits and needs and orchestrate your garden design to provide maximum blooms throughout the year.



Spring is the time of bulbs in the garden. Bulb plants store all of their energy in the bulb during the dormant months.  In our climate, many of them begin to emerge as early as February, and some, like Snowdrops and Winter Aconite, even bloom through the snow.

We keep your garden spaces interesting in the autumn and winter by incorporating evergreens, shrubs, trees and plants that tolerate the cold.

Perennial Gardeners provides the necessary maintenance and care to keep your gardens looking amazing throughout the seasons!