Pots and Containers

Planters and flower pots are a beautiful way to add color and dramatic flair to your outdoor spaces!

          From hanging baskets to built-in container beds, from terracotta pots to cast iron urns, Perennial Gardeners can purchase, fill and help arrange your flower vessels for extra-garden color displays, all year round. We can help you choose the perfect containers for your home. 

Visual Guides-

Carefully placed pots can serve to create and define your outdoor spaces, by acting as visual guides to lead the eye in pleasing ways.



-Embellish entryways, gateposts, mailboxes, driveways, walls, pathways and benches.


-Define outdoor seating areas for entertaining and personal enjoyment.


-Create visual barriers to conceal meters, plumbing, walls or any unsightly view.



Space Savers-

Pots are perfect where space does not allow for garden beds. Patios, porches, decks and other paved areas, are greatly enhanced by lively plantings of flowers, vines, shrubs and even small trees.